Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Westminster comes calling, the Abbey that is!

It was my great pleasure to take Christopher Herrick, organist from Westminster Abbey through the Auckland Town Hall Organ on Monday.

Christopher is here giving some lectures and recitals the most public of which will be in the Christchurch Town Hall. Christopher was VERY impressed with the splendid work Klais have achieved and particularly impressed with the supreme efforts they have gone to to ensure the ‘English’ sound. He has given his own ‘feedback’ on this.

Christoper Herrick

Back in 2004 Christopher gave a very fine recital on the Town Hall Organ before it was dismantled. At a subsequent Council and Organists meeting he declared that what happened to the organ in 1970 was a great tragedy and wished the Council and the Trust the very best of luck with the refurbishment project. We will soon be on the final run and the great desire of so many enthusiasts will be realised. Keep 4.30pm 21st March 2010 firmly in mind.

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  1. It was of great assistance to the Town Hall Organ project to have someone of Christopher's international experience and reputation provide candid comments about what he thought of the Auckland Town Hall organ, in terms of its effectiveness as a recital instrument and for the purposes for which it is intended.

    He made these comments at a time when there was increasing focus on Auckland being 'world class'. He made it clear that the organ was not world class at the time. It is interesting to note that no artist has recorded a CD on the Auckland Town Hall organ. CDs have been recorded on the Town Hall organs of Wellington (including Christopher himself), Christchurch and Dunedin.

    That situation will undoubtedly change when the organ project is completed in 2010 and Auckland unquestionably will again have a Town Hall concert organ of international quality and significance.