Friday, July 3, 2009

Hey ho for the ‘classics’ – cars that is!


In the latest Daimler Spare Parts Car Club magazine (arguably the largest car club in the Southern Hemisphere), the President urges the restoration of these beautiful English classics as a means of helping the environment, rather than simply scrapping them for something new and, perhaps, seemingly more glamorous – although I have yet to see a new car that matches the beauty of say a Mark 2 Daimler or Jag or maybe a Rover 3500 P5B or an XJ6. They always ‘turn heads’. Someone sat down with pencil and paper and designed these beauties. If they were not so beautiful, why is there such a demand in places like Japan for these vehicles? So many have left these shores for new homes in Japan. There was a lovely P5B for sale recently. No local takers! Where did it go? To Japan.

Daimler XJ6 4.2

I have long been an admirer of English classics and others from Europe like the earlier Mercedes, Citroens etc. My little ‘collection’ comprises a 1972 MGB (26 years: my everyday car) a series one XJ6 4.2 Daimler (21 years) and a Rover 3500 P5B. (5 years). I have owned seven Rovers previously and was negotiating on a P5B Coupe in 1977 but a sudden death in the family put it far from my mind, so I did it 27 years later, not a coupe but a saloon, with no regrets. It was my 30 year old nephew, showing great interest in these cars, who re-aroused my interest. Thank you Matthew. Classics are a drivers car.

Rover 3500 P5B

I thought viewers to my weblog might like to see these vehicles, all in great condition and all perfectly capable of a quick trip Auckland-Wellington return when desired.

Footnote: Classic cars should ALWAYS be garaged, serviced and used regularly. It’s fun.

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  1. I've got a beautiful Daimler XJ6 Series III - 4.2 that runs like a dream - beautiful car to drive.......