Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Let us Lexus!

The excitement is mounting!

On Thursday evening six of our young artists will exercise their vocal prowess before the distinguished German tenor Siegfried Jerusalem, in Auckland's Town Hall. (I recall seeing him in Die Walk├╝re in the Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires some years ago.)

The finalists are:
  • Wade Kernot
  • Aivale Cole
  • Kristen Darragh
  • Andrew Glover
  • Julia Booth
  • Polly Ott
The MC for the evening will be Aidan Lang

All but Aivale have been, or in the case of Polly, will be, PwC Dame Malvina Major Emerging Artists with the NBR New Zealand Opera and again all but Aivale have attended the New Zealand Opera School in Wanganui under the guidance of Paul Farrington, Margaret Medlyn, Barry Mora and Richard Greager. Aivale has sung with New Zealand Opera and is a fine performer.

This will be a great evening and I wish all contestants a very happy and enjoyable evening. They will all shine.


  1. Donald Trott, how wonderful that you are now in the blogosphere. It means I can keep tabs on you between coffees. I will become an avid reader.

    Vicki Allpress Hill