Monday, April 20, 2009

Attention, all pipe organ lovers!

Hello all you pipe organ lovers who have looked at my blog. Here is a nice historic organ for you to view (photo by Arie Hoeflak). It is dated 1894, with some 6 additional stops which date back to around 1971, the adding of which I was closely involved with. It now has 25 speaking stops and is a very fine two manual organ in the beautiful brick and stone Presbyterian Church of St Paul’s Wanganui. It is in great condition and well maintained by the congregation.

In the clip below, you can enjoy Nicholas Grigsby playing Buxtehude's Präludium, Fuga und Ciacona on this wonderful instrument.

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  1. I have a poem about pipe organ builders that I feel your readers would enjoy.Please visit select the October 1,2009 entry.