Saturday, July 9, 2011


Installation of the beautiful Willis pipe organ in St Matthews, Auckland is well underway. Now, after about one hundred and six years, the organ is in the position Mr Pearson, the architect, intended it to be and the result is VERY impressive. I have heard several stops being played by organist Philip Smith from Auckland's Holy Trinity Cathedral and the sound is superb despite the stops not yet being completely in tune (that is all to come). The case work in Oak and the fa├žade pipes look so majestic. This instrument will provide St Matthews with an organ of great significance and the church and the Willis Organ Company of Liverpool are to be warmly congratulated on what will be another fine asset to the musical life of the church and the community.


  1. It certainly is a sight to behold!

  2. An extraordinarily beautiful sight. This reminds me of another remarkable collaboration between Sir Giles Gilbert Scott and another of the Wills gems.

    This is one of the best aesthetic pairings I have seen, coupling the formidable architecture and acoutic of a Pearson buiding with the master craftmanship one would expect of an international expert.

    Auckland is indeed very fortunate to have this splendid addition to its collected fabric of pipe organ reources, and I look forward to becoming acquainted with one of the most exciting projects in NZ today.It also has as its organist one of the cit's unsung heroes of ability with the instrument - Michael Bell.

    A triumph! - Best wishes to all involved,

    Nicholas Grigsby

  3. David Wyld (Henry Willis & Sons Ltd.)September 17, 2011 at 11:35 PM

    Thank you for your most kind comments! We are very proud of the instrument and of how it 'fits' in the splendid Pearson building - a comment made by a passer-by two days ago made this all worthwhile... "It looks like it's always been there.".

    I also agree with you regarding Michael Bell's musical prowess.