Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What a romp!

Cast members of The Italian Girl in Algiers in full flight. From left to right: Beach Babe 1, Richard Green (Haly), Beach Babe 2, Katherine Wiles (Elvira), Conal Coad (Mustafà), Kristen Darragh (Zulma)

The Italian Girl in Algiers should not be missed.
A contemporary, high tech design component, wonderfully acted and sung, hilarious costumes and on top of that the MUSIC which is so engaging. With its joyous quintets, sextets, duos and arias it cannot fail to entertain and please. It's just the sort of entertainment we need in the chill of the evening and the economy. You’ll have a great laugh. All the principals are outstanding so I am not going to single out any one in particular. It's a marvellous cast of New Zealand singers, joined by one lovely tenor guest, Christian Baumg√§rtel from Germany.

The wonderful Wendy Dawn Thompson (Isabella) risks life and limb careering around the stage on a Segway while wearing 4-inch heels

Do not miss this opera. It’s well worth the time and the cost. Just have a look at the photos with Wendy Dawn careering round the stage on her Segway and delivering the music in her glorious voice.

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  1. I can't wait to see this in Auckland. Every comment I've heard has been overwhelmingly positive.

    And great that the production will go off shore. Great for NZO to be seen as an opera company that's fresh, relevant and classy!